Become an Author

We are always interested in hearing from authors, whether already published or making their debut, with a view to acting on their behalf. The services we offer include typesetting, proof reading, general advice (especially on Sherlock Holmes works), registration, publishing, drop shipping and distribution.

However, please do not send us your manuscript before making initial contact. You can do this via our author contact form. Alternatively you may prefer to speak to us directly on 01223 473025, or we will be happy to set up a conference call via Zoom.

In general we offer 3 options to our authors:

Option A: We will make an outright offer for your work’s copyright. This is actually our least favoured option since we always feel that the author should retain some control over their work in future. The advantage for the author is that they do get to see their work in print, along with some money without any risk, but against this there is no further financial reward should the publication be a success.

Option B: We will act on a contract basis to the author and typeset, proof read, and print the author’s work for which we will make a charge. The author may additionally want us to register, publish, distribute, drop ship, and sell their work which we are also happy to do on a commission basis. The copyright is retained by the author as is the financial risk in bringing the book to market. This option might suit an experienced author who has advanced book sales.

Option C: We enter into a joint agreement with the author to publish their work on a commission only basis. The copyright of the text remains with the author, but we are granted an exclusive licence by the author to print and distribute their work. The advantage of this option is that the author pays no fees for their work being typeset, proof read, published etc., retains text copyright, and gets commission on book sales once the publication is in profit. This is usually our preferred option since we get to work in partnership with the author, with there being no financial risk to the author albeit the commission earned by the author will be less than with Option B.