Lindsay Siviter

As a trained historian and museum professional Lindsay has worked for over thirty years in many museums and archives throughout the UK and abroad, and for several years worked as an official volunteer at the Crime Museum, New Scotland Yard. Lindsay is a member of The Metropolitan Police History Society and on the Committee for the National Police History Society. As a historical researcher and consultant Lindsay has assisted on many projects, having written and contributed to books and articles on a variety of subjects from Egyptology to espionage.

Lindsay has been researching the Jack the Ripper case for over 30 years and for more than 20 years has worked as a well-respected Ripper tour guide in the Whitechapel area. Over the years she has also contributed articles to several publications including Ripperologist magazine and The Whitechapel Journal on a variety of Ripper related topics. She also continues to research the first ever official full-length biography of Ripper suspect, Sir William Gull.

Lindsay regularly gives lectures and presentations across the country and has been a guest speaker at many conferences including Crime Con UK. She has worked with some of the UK’s leading detectives, podcasters and crime writers and continues to be invited to work on true crime projects. 

As a historical adviser and consultant Lindsay has worked with many notable companies including the Museum of London, Madame Tussauds, Woodcut Media and the BBC. On screen Lindsay has appeared in over 20 television documentaries globally and has also helped to curate and organise several crime related exhibitions including Inspector Morse’s Oxford, The Crime Museum Uncovered at the Museum of London, and  Crime and the Post for The Postal Museum.

Lindsay is the owner and curator of the Siviter True Crime Library and Archive, which contains around 5,000 true crime books, journals, historic documents, research papers, audio visual material and relics connected to true crime cases.

Books featuring Lindsay Siviter
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