Matthew Booth

Born in Manchester in 1974, Matthew has had a fascination with, and a love for, crime fiction since the age of 11. It was perhaps inevitable that he ended up writing within the genre himself, especially since he is a graduate in Drama and English and in T.V. & Radio Scriptwriting.

The creator of former criminal barrister Anthony Rathe, Matthew’s stories and articles on detective fiction have appeared all over the world from Great Britain to America and Canada. His main area of expertise is the Sherlock Holmes canon, although his knowledge of all areas of crime fiction is extensive. He was a member of the Northern Musgraves Sherlock Holmes Society for more than a dozen years, and was on the Society Consultancy for eleven of those years.

Matthew is a member of the Crime Writer’s Association, and in 2007 Matthew was elected to the Association’s Committee (for more information please visit their website, Matthew is also the Co-Founder of The Mystery Men, a literary performance group, whose aim is to educate and entertain on such subjects as Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, and the legend of Count Dracula.

Books by Matthew Booth
Sherlock Holmes and the Giant’s Hand (& other stories)