Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Dozen

By Val Andrews

Follow Holmes and Watson as they traverse the streets of London and take on cases from the most unlikely of clients in these thirteen short mysteries. The collection includes …

  The Lobster Quadrille – Colonel Archibald Fanshawe, from Watson’s Afghanistan days, bumps into his old comrade and proceeds to invite Watson and Holmes for dinner with him and his wife. As the dinner is in full swing and the main course gets underway it is apparent to Holmes that something is afoot after Fanshawe falls gravely ill at dinner.

 The Gantry Point Wreckers – Take a trip away from Baker Street whilst Holmes recuperates on doctor’s orders in the North Devon town of Bideford. Not too long after arriving in the town Holmes’s rested mind begins to work overtime as he soon begins unravelling the mystery of sinking ships in the next town along the coast.

 Sherlock Holmes and the Gypsy Switch – Mrs Joan Moran’s trip out to Streatham to ogle at Middle Eastern oddities culminates in a new case for Holmes and Watson. They must discover how her husband, who has been dead for some time, is able to gift her with gold coins from beyond the grave in this chilling tale.

The Kinema Mystery – In an unusual case Holmes must save the owner of several kinemas from a thief who is able to walk through walls and disappear without a trace.

The Baker Street Conjurer – George Dean, proprietor and owner of the tavern ‘Cold Cut and Tankard’ requires the help of Holmes to ascertain how a conjurer who entertains his paying guests may, or may not, be magically stealing his earnings from right under his nose.

Plus another eight vibrant tales of London’s finest detective.


Val Andrews


1997, 2020 (Revised)


978 0 947533 4 10




Paperback, eBook

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