Sherlock Holmes and the Bolshevik Plot

By Eddie Maguire

Eddie Maguire’s Sherlock Holmes and the Bolshevik Plot follows on immediately after the conclusion of Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Mission, in which our two heroes find themselves in Italy where it is clear that the future of Europe and its leaders are in imminent danger from a shadowy mastermind.

There are rumours that the Tsar of Russia has fallen ill, and that this may be part of a plot against the crown heads of Europe. Holmes and Watson must make their way as fast as possible from Brindisi to St. Petersburg. There will be much danger along the way as they travel by sea, train, river boat, and horseback through the Balkans with their unknown adversary hot on their heels.

History tells us that the Tsar and his family were subjected to poisoning, and also that they will survive on this occasion. However, certain questions remain unanswered. Was the poisoning part of a Bolshevik plot? What role did Holmes play in saving the Tsar? Who was the ‘shadowy mastermind’ following Holmes and Watson? Answers to all these questions and more can be found in Eddie Magu


Eddie Maguire




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