Sherlock Holmes and the Circus of Fear

By Val Andrews

Author Val Andrews had two major passions: Sherlock Holmes and the circus, and here he combines both in one of his finest ever Sherlock Holmes pastiches.

‘“Lord George Sanger. I believe?”

Our caller answered Holmes in a voice that was gruff and far from aristocratic, yet with a ring of authority. “Yes. Which of you is Sherlock Holmes?”

My friend said, “I have that doubtful honour, sir, and this is my friend and colleague Dr. John Watson.” And so began the fearful tale of Sherlock Holmes and the Circus of Fear.’

Why were dreadful accidents happening at Sangers’s Circus? Who had poisoned the lion? And why was the trapeze rigged up to kill?

In this story Holmes’s skill and ingenuity is stretched to the breaking point as he ponders and investigates. What is the secret behind Sanger’s death, and how was his demise linked with treasures that belonged to another nation? All will be revealed in what many may conclude is Sherlock Holmes’s greatest adventure.


Val Andrews


1997, 2020 (Revised)


978 0 947533 1 75




Paperback, eBook

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