Sherlock Holmes and the Disgraced Inspector

By John Hall

Lestrade is deeply troubled. The disappearance of five boys has been left unsolved for almost twenty years. Under Lestrade’s watch, the wrong man was arrested and imprisoned for murder. But after a long appeal, the court has suddenly overturned its decision.

The man is free. Lestrade has been disgraced.

Holmes is not so convinced by this new verdict. He believes he can help Lestrade prove, once and for all, that his man is guilty. With Holmes and Watson officially retired, and Lestrade forced out of Scotland Yard, the three must endeavour to solve the mystery outside of the law.

Can Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson save Inspector Lestrade’s reputation? What evil will they uncover?

Sherlock Holmes and the Disgraced Inspector is a brilliant addition to the Holmes and Watson casebooks.


John Hall


1998, 2020 (Revised)


978 0 947533 8 85




Paperback, eBook

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