Sherlock Holmes and the Giant’s Hand (& other stories)

By Matthew Booth

A gripping collection of short Sherlock Holmes mysteries, following the adventures of the great detective, and his loyal companion, Doctor Watson.

Sherlock Holmes and the Giant’s Hand: Sherlock Holmes receives an imploring letter from Inspector Hopkins, who is investigating the disappearance of Mr Stanislaus Addleton, an eminent academic, who has vanished without a trace …

Holmes and Watson hurry down to Cornwall, where Addleton resides in a secluded mansion, called Malvere Towers. After a small party, with a select number of guests, to celebrate his daughter’s birthday, Addleton vanishes from his study, and there is no sign of him the following morning … An empty safe, a golden watch, and a message scrawled across a blotter, are the only threads of evidence left with which to tie up the case … But will Holmes be able to solve the mystery and find Addleton before it’s too late?

Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of the York Place Prophecy: A distressed vicar, Alistair Craddock, bursts into Watson’s office, bleeding from a wound on his head. He explains that he has been attacked by his friend, Colonel Warburton, who has suddenly and unexplainably turned violently mad … After treating his patient, Watson realises that this is a case for his friend Sherlock Holmes, and takes the frightened vicar straight to Baker Street. Holmes is delighted by the case, and the two friends set off for Craddock’s vicarage in Chislehurst early the next morning, to try and unravel the mystery behind Colonel Warburton’s strange and disturbing illness … But will they arrive in time to save him?

Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of the Hollow Bank: It is a stifling hot summer, and Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes are cooped up in Holmes’s rooms in Baker Street, trying to escape the heat, with no case of any interest to distract them … When Watson receives a letter from an old school friend, McGregor Abernetty, inviting him and his famous friend Sherlock Holmes to stay with him in his house in Hollow Bank, Wiltshire, the two friends jump at the opportunity to exchange the airless heat of London for the country.

At first, their stay with Abernetty is a peaceful break in a charming country idyll, but drama and mystery seem to follow Sherlock Holmes wherever he goes … Will he find the case he so desperately needs to keep him occupied during his stay at Hollow Bank?

Matthew Booth is a young writer. He is the Clerk of the Court in a British High Court and his interest in criminology – and the master sleuth Sherlock Holmes – started when he was a teenager. He has previously published a monograph on Holmes and the camera and it is very clear that he has a bright future ahead as a novelist. Matthew Booth has captured the style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and this collection of stories has all the elements necessary to keep every reader turning the pages.


Matthew Booth




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