Sherlock Holmes and the Man Who Lost Himself

By Val Andrews

A distinctly unfortunate inventor discovers that he doesn’t exist. Finding himself in this nightmare situation he consults Sherlock Holmes and presents the sage of Baker Street with one of his most baffling challenges.

Is it a simple case of amnesia or something far more sinister? The story involves some hairraising transcontinental adventures and nightmare dealings with the hazardous flying machines of the day. Dr Watson lends a little light relief when forced into door-to-door commerce. This is probably the most exciting of all of Val Andrews’s many Sherlock Holmes adventures.

It packs in everything that any reader could want and is a gripping classic detective novel packed with thrills and brilliant deductions. Val Andrews is well known to Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts around the world.


Val Andrews




978 0 947533 7 00




Paperback, eBook

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