William Seil

William Seil has worked as a writer for more than 30 years – first in journalism and then in public relations. After graduating from the University of Illinois with a journalism degree, he went to work as a newspaper reporter. Bill currently works as a writer in the Seattle area.

Seil’s first mystery novel, Sherlock Holmes and the Titanic Tragedy, drew acclaim from reviewers. The Baker Street Journal, the quarterly publication of the Baker Street Irregulars, said Sherlock Holmes and the Titanic Tragedy ‘may be the most entertaining and well-written pastiche since The Seven-Per-Cent Solution‘. A review in the newsletter of the British Titanic Society said Seil’s mystery novel is ‘excellently researched and a good story …’ The Chicago Sun-Times called it ‘A night to remember and an adventure to relish’.

Books by William Seil
Sherlock Holmes and the Titanic Tragedy