Watson’s Last Case

By Ian Charnock

Ian Charnock had a staggering success with the Elementary Cases of Sherlock Holmes and now he has followed it up with another stunner, Watson’s Last Case. The first title told of some of Sherlock Holmes’s early cases and now in the follow up, Stamford reveals what happened after Watson had joined up with his old service in 1914.

Stamford also tells us about his own youthful adventures and indiscretions and also gives details of those fascinating aspects of Holmes’s life that so intrigue students of the world’s first consulting detective.

Amongst the riveting tales included in this exciting book are the following: Mycroft Remembers, the Diogenes, the Report, the Solitary Student, the Attendant Three-Quarter and the Dresser. Ian Charnock’s Sherlockian pastiches are amongst the very best ever written.


Ian Charnock




978 0 947533 9 22




Paperback, eBook

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