Sherlock Holmes at the Varieties

By Val Andrews

What starts as an evening’s entertainment for Holmes and Watson soon turns into what may well be considered to be an unusually baffling mystery that seems to have no solution. Holmes and Watson take themselves to the Varieties but discover that the very place of entertainment that they have chosen appears to be haunted. A sandbag drops on to the stage narrowly missing one of the artistes … and so begins another adventure for Sherlock Holmes.

How George Robey, the noted British variety artist, is involved will only be discovered as the reader attempts to sort fact from fiction in yet another stunning mystery from Val Andrews. The author who is a distinguished Sherlockian takes on his favourite subject: Variety and Vaudeville again but this time features Sherlock Holmes and Watson!


Val Andrews




978 0 947533 8 23




Paperback, eBook

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