The Torment of Sherlock Holmes

By Val Andrews

In The Torment of Sherlock Holmes, our master detective has fallen into a state of deep depression and Watson is distressed to find that there is absolutely nothing that he can do to help Holmes shake off his dreadful malaise.

Watson takes himself off to Regent’s Park for a breath of fresh air and whilst there his attention is drawn to a black clad and heavily veiled woman who drops a ticket on the round. The ticket is for property lodged at the Victoria railway station. In an effort to help Holmes regain his interest in life and to shake off his state of gloom, Watson decides to use the ticket and to claim whatever may have been left in the property office. The item in question turns out to be a large and heavy hat box.

The box intrigues Holmes and when it is opened it is found to contain some bloodstained clothing together with a most vicious butcher’s knife. This dreadful discovery and the baffling mystery surrounding it is just what is required to help Holmes out of his depressed state and starts him on what well may be considered to be his most unusual adventure!


Val Andrews




978 0 947533 2 36




Paperback, eBook

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